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Ohrid, lying on the shore of the lake of the lake with the same name, is the oldest center,  not only for Macedonia culture, but for all Slavic nations, as well. It is “pearl” of Macedonian tourism. It has also been the seat of the saints Kliment and Naum, who were followers of Cyril and Methodius, creators of the first Slavic alphabet. Ohrid abounds in churches, the walls of which are decorated with wonderful frescoes dating back to 11th, 13th and 19th century.

Ohrid Climate


The pleasant climate and clear waters of Lake Ohrid allow visitors numerous leisure: swimming, fishing, sailing and water skiing, sightseeing and evening walks. Entertainment can be found in a number of events that take place during July and August.

The average annual temperature of the water of Lake Ohrid was 14.3 ° C. Warmest in August, when the average water temperature 23 ° C. The crystal clear waters of Lake Ohrid and quality accommodation are those things in which this city attracts tourists during the summer.


The stretch of the lake shore from Ohrid to the monastery St.Naum, which occupies the south-eastern portion of lake Ohrid, is an endless, magnificent beach, where most of hotels are positioned. Along this area, tourists can see a number of villages where women still wear traditional folk clothes, villages whose populations still lives on fishing in the old traditional fashion.

Ohrid Attractions

Within the junction of the modern and traditional, You will be able to tast, among other local specialties, the well known and unique flavored Ohrid trout, which only inhabits the clean waters of lake Ohrid, since the time of its creation.

Ohrid Nightlife


Ohrid boasts some of the best night clubs in Eastern Europe, and the city attracts tourists from all over the world. If you want to party until the morning hours Ohrid is definitly the place to be. From bars, clubs, even beach raves, Ohrid's nightlife is sure to accomodate all of your party needs.

All of the nightclubs are located within a short cab ride away from eachother, and taxis are cheap.

With a very vibrant nightlife Ohrid is an undisputed party paradise. Spend the night partying and the day taking a swim and exploring this beautiful historic town.


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