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Located at the far south of Republic of Croatia, Dubrovnik is a world famous tourist resort. The main attraction of Dubrovnik is the Old Town area which is encompassed by perfectly preserved defensive city walls. The ambient of Dubrovnik Old Town is unique and the heritage of Dubrovnik goes back to the ancient times. That is why Dubrovnik Old Town is protected by UNESCO as a part of world heritige.

As a consequence of long and rich history of Dubrovnik, every stone tells a story in Dubrovnik. We are here to show you the most interesting Dubrovnik stones and make your visit to Dubrovnik the best time of your life.

Dubrovnik Attractions


Dubrovnik is a one-town tourist industry on its own. As stunning as the clear blue sea around it, the former centre of the independent Republic of Ragusa invites superlatives and attracts the lion’s share of year-round visitors. When a foreigner thinks of Croatia, he thinks of Dubrovnik’s proud, pristine fortifications set on an azure background.

Dubrovnik has the cream of Croatia’s five-star hotels and attracts the most notable celebrities. With the opening of the cablecar to Mount Srđ and continuing talk of a golf course, Dubrovnik is expanding its attractions beyond the Old Town.


Although the shelling of Dubrovnik in 1991 horrified the world, the city has bounced back with characteristic vigour to enchant visitors again. Take the revamped cable car up to Mt Srđ. Marvel at the Mediterranean lifestyle and the interplay of light and stone.

Dubrovnik Tours

Trace the rise and fall of Dubrovnik in museums replete with art and artefacts. Exhaust yourself retracing history, then plunge into the azure sea.

Enjoy Dubrovnik


The choice of fish and seafood in Dubrovnik is as fine as anywhere in the Adriatic, with the waters around Mljet and the Elaphite Islands particularly rich in squid, lobster and shells. Oysters from nearby Ston also feature heavily on local restaurant menus.

Among the dishes associated with Dubrovnik in particular are Šporki makaruli (“dirty macaroni”), tubular pasta served with a goulash sauce; and rozata, a vanilla-flavoured custard dessert similar to crème caramel.

The vineyards of the Konavle produce respectable red wines of the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Plavac varieties, as well as Kadarun, an autochthonous light and fruity rosé.


  1. Go back in time – walk the circular 2k tour of the ancient city walls which are 22 metres high in places and look down on the crowds. Late afternoon, away from the heat of the day, is best.
  2. Take to the skies and try the exhilarating cable car ride to the top of the hill above Dubrovnik for a stunning birds’ eye view of the old city.
  3. Feast on seafood in the harbourside restaurants on the edge of the city wall.
  4. Don your life jacket (supplied by hire companies, together with a packed lunch) and go for a kayaking adventure to a nearby island, starting from the city beach.
  5. Discover the secret of Croatia wine.
  6. Cool down with a bargain ice-cream. In Rome it would cost a fortune, here shops on the main streets provide up to 50 flavours for around 1€.
  7. Relax and slip inside the Franciscan Monastery where you’ll find some shade in the stunning, and hidden courtyard garden.
  8. Find out about the real history of the city on a guided walking tour. For 10€ you’ll hear what really happened in the war 20 years ago and how the city has since been restored to glory.
  9. Dance the night away. From July to late August  Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival celebrates with 80 theatre, dance, music and film events at churches, palaces, fortresses and squares across the city.
  10. Need some good luck? It’s yours if you touch the heads of the figures on the ancient Onofrio’s Fountain. Oh, and the water there is still good enough to refresh your water bottle.


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