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Balkan Flavors Tour

Serbia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Montenegro

14 Days / 13 Nights

Trip Itinerary:

Experience diversity of Balkan flavors! We are getting right on itinerary, its all there!


DAY 1 Arrival in Belgrade

Arrival at „Nikola Tesla“ International Airport/Belgrade Port. Meet and transfer to the hotel, check in, rest.

DAY 2 Belgrade

After the breakfast, we shall proceed to Belgrade sightseeing by bus and on foot. We shall pass through Belgrade’s main squares: Republic Square, „Slavija“ Square, Nikola Pasic Square and University Square – four main meeting points. With the visit of „House of Flowers“ – mausoleum of late Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito we shall get introduced to the Communist era in Yugoslavia. Saint Sava’s church is one of the largest Christian Orthodox temples in the world. Visit one admirable sanctuary among Serbian shrines. Proceed to the very heart of Old Belgrade, to Savamala district, and take a coffee break at the „?“ inn, the oldest remaining tavern in Belgrade. After a short break, we shall pass besides Patriarch’s Court to the Belgrade Cathedral, one of the most beautiful Orthodox Churches in Belgrade. Just across stands Princess Ljubica’s Court, museum nowadays, which will take us to the time of Serbian liberation from Ottoman reign. For the last stop we shall put away the famous Belgrade fortress, the largest fortification in Europe dating from the earliest times when Celtic tribes and Roman legions were fighting for this settlement. Stroll among the ramparts to discover the oldest Christian sanctuary in Belgrade, 14th century church of Nativity of the Holy Mother of God, known as the Rose Church; which forms a unique sanctuary complex with holy spring and chapel of St. Petka. Return to the hotel for a small break. In the evening, we recommend dinner in world famous bohemian quarter – Skadarlija, where you can enjoy national specialties in unique ambient with tambourine orchestra.

DAY 3 Belgrade – Sremski Karlovci - Novi Sad - Belgrade

Right after the breakfast we shall make a trip to the City of Novi Sad. On our way to the second largest city in Serbia, we shall make a stop at nearby town of Sremski Karlovci, center of Serbian culture in the 18th century. Strolling through the cobbled streets of this picturesque town will lead us to the first Serbian lyceum, which gave Serbian people several great writers and poets. Along the way, we shall pay a visit to the Old Patriarch’s Court and theological complex – Assembly Church and Theological lyceum. Being in the very heart of famous wine region, why not paying a visit to one of the well respected wine cellars? We shall proceed towards the City of Novi Sad, and our next stop is second largest fortress on Danube river – Petrovaradin, one of the most important strategic points in everlasting war between Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. We shall be introduced to the legends of underground passages before we continue to „Serbian Athens“, as the City of Novi Sad is known. As we stroll among great cultural institutions and historic buildings, we shall pay a visit to the oldest part of Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina pedestrian zone. Here we shall get introduced to the rich history of Novi Sad, as we visit the monument to Svetozar Miletic, famous Novi Sad Cathedral, Episcopis Church... Return to Belgrade in evening hours.

DAY 4 Belgrade – Topola - Belgrade

The fourth day of stay in Serbia we shall dedicate to history of Serbian Royal family. We shall make a trip to Central Serbia and Town of Topola – the headquarters of First Serbian Uprising against Ottomans. This picturesque town, located on the sloaps of Oplenac Hill, hides one turbulent history. By visiting the Rebels’ Town, we will approach the era of Serbian liberation. Locals are very proud of their legacy, especially highlighting their relationship to Serbian Royal family Karadjordjevic. On the very top of Oplenac Hill, surrounded by beautiful forest and royal vinyards, lies Serbian Royal complex, founded by King Petar I Karadjordjevic, the Liberator. Get to know Serbian modern history, admired by the whole world, as we listen to stories of bravery of this nation, and its role in First World War. The highlight of this tour is the world famous Royal Church and mausoleum, St. George’s church, founded by King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, the Unificator. For a break, we suggest a lunch in one of the local restaurants, famous by the local cuisine and extraordinary wines...

DAY 5 Belgrade - Djerdap Gorge - Belgrade

A full day trip to the purest mystery one land can offer. Visit to East Serbia is always filled with a serious dose of respect to raw natural beauty this region has to offer. We shall pay a visit to a long forgotten city of Viminacium – Roman administrative center for province of Upper Moesia. Legends which are closely tied for Viminacium make it one of the most visited archaeological sites in Europe. Take a tour through the most prominent town in Upper Moesia and check the place which Romans believed was the gate to the underworld – Tartarus. Proceed adventure towards the widest flow Danube river has – famous Iron Gate. Its sheer size left no one untouched as Danube suddenly gives impression of the sea. Pass through a true keeper of realms, Golubac fortress, defensive complex which used to defend many kingdoms through centuries. We believe that you will have a completely different aspect as we return back to Belgrade in the evening hours.

DAY 6 Belgrade - Sarajevo

After the breakfast and check out, we suggest a leisure time for shopping in some of Belgrade’s shopping zones. In the evening, we shall proceed to „Nikola Tesla“ International Airport. Check in on a flight to Sarajevo, scheduled at 20:50h. Direct flight to Sarajevo, with arrival estimated at 21:30 h. After the passport control comes a transfer to hotel. Check in and overnight.

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