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Top places to visit in Montenegro this summer

Top places to visit in Montenegro this summer

Tiny and proud, Montenegro – “Black Mountain” – has something of the fairy tale about it. The land seems put together by magic. A cobalt-blue fjord, a dark tor, fishermen’s huts in a sunny cove, a rocky path disappearing into woods, palaces, a church in a cave, an island built on the wrecks of enemy boats – all stitched closely into patchwork, with a logic of its own.

One of Europe’s best kept secrets, it is a Balkan country found nestled between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Among the newest countries in the world, Montenegro continues to be very much untouched and most tourists arrive on excursions from their holidays in neighbouring countries. The places you’ll visit in Montenegro provide the best of both worlds: in the west, the nice and cozy, welcoming shores of the Adriatic; within the east, spectacular mountains. The nation offers a wealth of culture, history, natural splendor and, of course, crystal blue water and warm beaches. Your Montenegro train travel adventure will require you to coastal, central and mountain towns, each using its own personality and beauty.


Perast is one of the most beautiful little places in Boka Bay, few kilometers from Kotor. Perast is a wonderful old town, with wonderful old architecture. You will enjoy in many old churchs, but one of the biggest attraction is for sure: Our Lady of the Rock (Gospa od Skrpjela), little island in Boka Bay, with amazing church and museum. Every few minutes, there is small taxi boats that will take you to this unforgettable place.

Many small restarurants on the Perast coast will offer you great fish specialities. This is for sure, one of the TOP places in this part of Europe. You will enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of the southernmost fjord – Bay of Kotor. Amazing mountains that surround the bay, the old architecture, the smell of the sea, … Perast is MUST visit place for every tourist who visit Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan – Budva

One of the most famous and prestigious places in Montenegro – Sveti Stefan (St Stephen) is located only 15 minutes drive from Budva. Sveti Stefan is certainly one of the tourist icons of Montenegro. It’s no wonder, when you visit this beautiful place you’ll immediately feel why Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, Queen Elizabeth II and many other celebrities, just chose Sveti Stefan for your favorite place to vacation.

Sveti Stefan island in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is one of the TOP 10 glamorous A-list destinations in teh world – selected by Lonely Planet. It’s a place that will take your breath away.


Embraced between Montenegro’s most immense mountains, Kotor is located along one of the most beautiful and yet largest bays on the Adriatic.

This world heritage site dates back from the IV century, brimming with artwork and architecture has been under the influence of the most profound eras. Kotor is enhanced by the magic of its natural and historical surroundings: crystal clear water, limestone massifs of both Lovcen and Orijen, peninsulas, churches and palaces.

Kotor Montenegro

The remarkable city walls expanding around the old town of Kotor and over the St. Giovanni hill with a 5 km length are only the first breathtaking glance. Even though Kotor is lavishing with historical and monumental valuable structures, the most notable, which stands as a great symbol of the old town, is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon from the 9th century. This UNESCO protected town offers an unique feature of the innovative and the ancient. Along Kotor’s historical and cultural attractions, the boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafés will just play a small role in what is to be a fulfilling stay.

Lovcen National Park and Njegos Mausoleum

Lovćen montain range is natural, historical, cultural ans spiritual symbol for all Montenegrins. On Lovćen is placed Mausoleum of the greates son of the nation – Petar Petrovic II Njegoš, a poet, philosopher, prince-bishop and statesman from 19th century, a prominent member of old Montenegrin rulling family Petrović. Njegoš was born in the village of Njeguši below the Lovćen mountain. Today, Njegoš is buried in a sarcophagus in a Mausoleum on the top of Lovćen mountain.

Walking Lovcen

Domestic name of Montenegro country is Crna Gora which means Black Mountain. For Montenegrins the mountains means a strong symbol of honour, dignity and humanity. Because of Njegoš, Lovćen gives them special national identity.

The Ostrog Monastery

Set within sheer vertical rock overlooking the Zeta valley, Ostrog Monastery offers striking views for visitors and a sacred experience for pilgrims. The monastery, founded by Metropolitan St Basil (Vladika Sv Vasilije) of Hercegovina in the 17th century, is the most visited Orthodox Christian site in Montenegro, and just 45 minutes from Podgorica.

Ostrog Monastery

The Ostrog Monastery complex consists of the Lower Monastery (Donji manastir) and the Upper Monastery (Gornji manastir). The main draw of the Lower Monastery is the Holy Trinity Church (Crkva Sv Trojice), which dates from 1824. It’s delightfully colourful, with vivid wall paintings covering every inch of the interior and a beautiful and equally colourful iconostasis.

The inside tip

Montenegro is famed for its fine air-dried ham. The best comes from the village of Njegusi, also noted for its cheeses, on the pass between Kotor and Cetinje. Look out for hand-painted signs offering cheese and ham for sale, as well as rakija, the local firewater.

Montenegrin red wines, especially of the ancient Vranac grape variety, are well worth discovering. The Wine Rooms in Kotor Old Town has an excellent range of wines from all over the country and offers tasting sessions.

If you’re not staying at the Sveti Stefan island resort it’s not possible to linger over its attractions, but if you phone in advance on the day (and guests haven’t booked all the tables) you can get a glimpse by booking to eat at one of the island restaurants.

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