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Best Balkan mountain destinations

Best Balkan mountain destinations

Bulgaria may praise with Bansko on Pirins.

From Albania to Macedonia, Shara Mountain offers enjoyable moments, while skiing is the favorite sport on Bjelasica. Serbia has Kopaonik, Bosnia Jahorinu.

And you?

You have the whole world on your palm, waiting to be explored.

But if we start writing about all the beauty on the Earth, if we stop to admire to each of her wonders, winter season would be over without noticing.

And you would not have your perfect vacation.

That is why we are going to introduce you to with the most popular mountains for skiing in Balkans and take you on an unforgettable journey, you deserve.

Enjoy your trip.



The biggest mountain, the most popular ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the tall beauty with one of the most modern ski lift systems in this region, is well known Jahorina.

It consists of several branches that together form a mountain massif, 30 km long and 15 km wide. These branches are; Trebevic, Ravna mountain, and Gola Jahorina. The main, highest and the most visited peak Gola Jahorina is 15 km long and 4-5 km wide.

The highest peak of Jahorina, Ogorjelica, reaches 1,910m. The ski lifts climb to 1,894m.

The slopes of Jahorina are covered in tall pines till about the 1,500m high and these beautiful natural guardians are one of most breathing attractions here.

Asphalt roads connect Jahorina with Pale and Sarajevo, the direct route leading from Butmir to Jahorina is only 30 km long.

Jahorina is under the influence of the Mediterranean and continental climate. Snow is kept on this mountain for about 175 days a year (from November to April, and sometimes also in May), with an average height of almost 100 cm. Mount Jahorina hosted the women’s alpine skiing events of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Jahorina beauty Bosnia and Herzegovina

The lowest temperatures are in January with an average daily of – 9.9 °C. Rare fogs, the absence of strong wind the fact that that snow covers surface from more than 4 months, lead us to numerous facilities and sports to do.

Activities such as skinning on 20 km long path, snowboarding, hiking, or just enjoying in gastronomes food or just relaxing in hotels and spas attract visitors during the whole year.

Mix that with mesmerizing nature and you have a delish recipe for a great vacation.



In the heart of Montenegro, in its central-continental part, one mountain is rising and standing out for its charm and diversity. This land of pastures and meadows is 30 km wide, shaped as a circle and easy to reach.

One of the most visited places in here is the National Park Biogradska Gora, which is a home to a multitude of bird and plant species.

It is also attractive for its ancient cultural and historical heritage of sacred monuments, traditional architecture, and archaeological sites and amazing lakes, such as; Biogradsko Lake, Pesica Lake, two of Ursulovačko lakes and Sisko Lake.

The highest peak of Bjelasica is the Black Head, 2,139 meters high and located in town Kolašin, which is the main ski resort in the area.

Fresh is air provided by altitude and powerful forest which keeps threes that more than 300 years old.

Magnificent Bjelasica

Imaginary Scenery of Bjelasica is completed with watermills, bungalows,  eco katuns, and fancy hotels.

A wide range of offers provides you the opportunity to taste the homemade bread in wooden cottages or to chill in luxurious spas.

This mountain is perfect for kids and the elderly and depends on the time of the year, there are plenty of activities that no one is immune too.

You may go hunting, or fishing fresh trout, you may visit the botanical garden or rafting, skiing or snowboarding.

Visit village households and try some of the national specialties, learn woolen is made, or ride horses into the sunset.

Here in Bjelasica Mountain, you only worry is too chose what off thing you will try first.



To the most of the visitors, Kopaonik is an association on skiing, but this natural jewel has much more to offer. As a  National Park and a well-known ski resort in the Balkans, it provides various activities such as cycling, beehives on the rails, four-wheel drive, walking, hiking, paragliding, snowboarding.

The mountain Kopaonik with its surroundings is located in the central part of the Republic of Serbia.

Recognizable landscape and lush forest, which are a home to 91 endemic and 82 subendemic plant species, small rivers, lakes, and all of its mesmerizing nature, are the reason why Kopaonik is declared as National Park.

Mountain springs and their healing water presents a perfect spa oasis relation as well as for the medical treatments. Potential of its thermal -mineral waters is well used, so wellness tourism blooms in numerous hotels.

The average annual temperature of Kopaonik is 3.7 ° C. of More than 200sunny days a year, are responsible why Kopaonik is named “the mountain of the sun

The time of year from November to May is reserved for snow. Thanks to the artificial snowmaking systems, which covers 97% of ski resorts the skiing season lasts longer.

Kopaonik Serbia skiing superstar

Within Kopaonik National Park are modern ski systems with perfectly connected rail. There are paths for Nordic and alpine skiing, ski school for children and grownups, snow park.

The Kopaonik ski center extends to about 62 km of trails and the variety of slopes makes it an interesting park for beginners, as well as for skiers.

Its highest peak is Pančićev peak.

There are no roads between the hotel and the slopes. because the hotels are at bottom of the slopes.

This is easily convenient for the youngest.

Different programs for the youngest, training camps and playgrounds, affirms the fact that Jopaonik is a perfect location for a whole family.

Its historical heritage and natural monuments are announcing the rich content of sights and excursions.



The Pirin mountains are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren at an altitude of 2,914 m being the highest peak. The northern part of the range which is also the highest one is protected by the Pirin National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

And here is where our journey begins.

Although is named after Perun, the primary god of thunder and lightning of ancient Slavens, this mountain shine with hospitality.

Unique relief of the Pirin abundant with vineyards and orchards.

Her foot is kept by warm medical waters, who represent the base of its rich wellness offer which you may find in many quality hotels placed in her biggest attraction, Bansko.

And as part of this magnificent paradise, its main resort could not be any less adorable.

Bansko has more than 120 facilities of various categories of accommodation for tourists who are visiting this impressive place.

In offer are golfing and tennis courts, casinos, hiking trails, horse riding, fitness, and spa centers, gastronomic specialties, skiing trails 70km long and modern system of paths and ski lifts.

Bansko Bulgaria great place to be

Ski season durates from December until May, which makes Bansko the resort with the longest ski season in Bulgaria.

Beautiful, little mountain town is a mixture of old city and luxurious architecture of hotels where all hotels with 4 * offer free use of swimming pool, fitness, saunas, ski wardrobe.

Everything is arranged and prepared for your vacation. The only that is missing…is you.



The Shar Mountain is a vide mountain range in the Balkans, that extends from Kosovo to Macedonia, where is our next stop.

This piece of heaven keeps and hides more beauty that we can pass through our words.

Mesmerizing lakes and vast of plants are one of them. Together they keep attracting visitors during the warm days.

When it comes to the winter,  main ski Destination in Macedonia is situated high above Tetovo, on Shar Planina and it is called Popova Šapka. Located 18 km from Tetovo and 53 km from Skopje, and due to its good access and high-quality road, it is easy to get here.

Popova Sapka Macedonia

The main characteristic of Popova Šapka is a large number of sunny days during the ski season, but also a large amount of snow cover.

Snow blanket covers its surface from December to March. The highest peak of ski resorts is over 2500 m. The center has several ski lifts and ski lifts.

With 9.6 kilometers of well-maintained ski trails, Popova Šapka is suitable for beginners and those with a mid-level skiing, but the real challenge for free skiing and adrenaline addicts is a large area beyond the marked track. The terrain is varied and can include easy alpine bowls, steep chutes, tree skiing and everything in between.

For those who are into more extreme sports like Freeride, there is plenty of suitable terrain for off-road driving.

If you are looking for snowy adventure, relaxing holiday or cultural and culinary experience vastly different, this is the right place for you to visit.



Kranjska Gora is a town in northwestern Slovenia, on the Sava Dolinka River in the Upper Carniola region, close to the Austrian and Italian borders.

Tucked in in the Julian Alps, named after Gaul Julius Caesar, this little but adorable place is best known for the winter sports.

It annually hosts an event in the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup series, also known as the Vitranc Cup, for the slalom and giant slalom events.

Ski lifts and ski slopes extend along with the slopes of Vitranc from Kranjska Gora to Planica at an altitude of 800-1570m. Guests can use 23 ski lifts and 20 km of ski slopes (10km lake, 8km medium and 2km heavy) connected by a system of 4 chairlifts and 14 ski lifts. The 40km track is arranged for skiing. Triglav ( 2864m) is the highest peak of this part of the Alps

And if you have never skied before, here is where you can make your first steps.

Schools for alpine skiing, tur skiing, Nordic skiing, and snowboarding but also ice climbing, ice skating and ski running, makes this destination so irresistible.

But, various ski tracks are just one of the reasons why people come to rest and enjoy here.

Soil land and pleasant temperature turning this land into a paradise. The paradise that blooms into diverse scents and flavors in spring then colors the scenery during the autumn.

Kranjska Gora

Jasna, Sava River Source,  The well-known ski jumping hill Planica, will lurch you to visit them.

Local restaurants, clubs, and casinos are guaranteeing a good nightlife and day can always be filled with visiting cultural and sports institutions.

Numerous excursions are organized during the whole year.

One of the most wanted among the tourists is gondola sailing to Bled Island, which will, with no doubt take your breath away

Kranjska Gora has a wide offer of numerous hotels, Wellness and SPA centers.

This Alpine village that enjoys a great number of guest every year may give you unforgettable culinary and cultural experience.



Only twenty minutes drive from the Croatian capital, Zagreb, is the Medvednica Nature Park.

The protected natural area is a part of a Medvenica mountain and within it lies a real jewel for tourist and nature lovers, Sljeme. As the highest peak of Medvenica, Sljeme is situated on1035 altitude.

The 17 km long sloping road leads up to the top of the mountain, offering its predominantly one-way traffic on its route and 5 available ski tracks.

Night skiing takes place on two ski slopes – Red Down and White Meadow.

And Sljeme is a host to The World Cup Ski Championship, which has been held here in held for seven years.

Sljeme Hrvatska skiing

The abundance of restaurants, hotels, cafes shops are offering never endless fun in this famous ski resort and a hunting ground.

And the great advantage is that the all different kinds of accommodation are available.

Sljeme represents the ideal destination for active vacation, business meetings or relaxation, and with its beauty delight visitors every season.

Rich in forests, running water, picturesque and ski paths, Sljeme deserves the epithet of a natural born beauty.

That’s why Sljeme is a perfect mountain destination that is not reserved for winter trips and skiing only.


If you have enjoyed reading this, imagine how amazing would be to truly visit this places.

Unique as every one of his mountains, delightful as every piece of its sky Balcans is calling you the feel his diversity.

The only question is:

Which one of this destination is going to be your favorite?

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