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Top 10 destinations in Serbia

Top 10 destinations in Serbia

Serbia, land of kings and villages will charm you with her simplicity and magnificently.

When we mention Serbia, we do not have an easy choice of singling out only a few top destination of this astonishing land. Every three, every plum,  every landscape, every stream, every cup of coffee, every man, and all of them are bringing a story that needs to be told.

And now,  let us present you Top Ten Destinations to Visit in Serbia.


Kept under favor of Avala mountain, sparkling on the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers there is a town for which wars had been fought, the city which may look like it is always changing, but it is still the same and unique White City.

History is engraved in cobbled streets of the old part of a town, as all the people that have lived here have left their marks on the city. Viktor monument, the remains of the Belgrade Fortress, the Stambol gate,  Terazije are sights you should not miss.

City of Belgrade

Centar of science,  economy, cultural, educative,  the social center has been attracted visitors for decades.  Throughout the past years, attention of visitors has  been occupied with new construction and new urban parts of town, like Ada Bridge, cable-stayed bridge over the Sava, Sveti Sava Temple 

Belgrade’s rich cultural life is crowned by many theatres, museums, opera houses, galleries, monuments. Everyone has the opportunity to manifest in different types of arts, whether is a professional or alternative.

Belgrade Music scene is always alive, and it has been a host to many world-known, international and national stars.

From clubs, cafes, through the smaller pubs and street musicians, from rock, pop, rap, classic and modern music, it is like everywhere you go, music is going with you.

Ad on that a Serbian great energy and you got a 24/7 party life in a Europian capital that never sleeps. Rivers attract sunbathers, boat cruisers, sports enthusiasts and partygoers on the popular floating river barges that serve as nightclubs.

Day and night, something is always happening, so if you are not doing some of many outdoor facilities for many sports on Ada Ciganlija, Kosutnjak, you may go for the cultural uprising, sightseeing, shopping in Shopping Centar Usće or Delta City or even on a party.

Fest, Belef, October Salon, Belgrade Marathon and other manifestations are held in this White city every year.

Belgrade is also host to numerous national and international conferences and fairs. The multipurpose Sava Centre is one of the most attractive venues for conferences and cultural events in this part of Europe. Over 40 international fairs are held each year at the Belgrade Fair.


You are waking up in a modern cottage which keeps a fragrance of old wood. Or waking up in luxury hotel. Through the windows is outreaching the morning sun, carried by the fresh mountain wind.

Your senses are lured by the scent of just baken pogača, and specialties of Kopaonik.

What would you like to do today? Just imagine it. Because on the Suuny Mountain boundaries do not exist.

Kopaonik is a major ski resort in Serbia and is the largest in Southeast Europe. Its highest peak is the Pančić’s peak that is 2,017 meters above sea level.

Kopaonik hotel

Kopaonik gained its name from the Serbian word kopati which means “to dig” because of the rich resources which were mined here for centuries.  Thanks to the thermal mineral springs, that refines mountain slopes, near Kopaonik, are located Josanička, Lukovska and Kuršumlijska SPA.

For more than six months a year, white blanket of snow covers this mountain beauty. The artificial snowing system covers 97% of the resort. This system covers the following runs. All the runs are well connected with a system of chairlifts and ski lifts, with a capacity of over 32.000 skiers per hour.

Due to its valuable ecosystem, Kopaonik became a national park in 1981.it is one of Serbia’s most important biodiversity hotspots for endemic flora.

Although is known as Ski Centar, Kopaonik is called The  Mountain of the Sun for there are almost 200 sunny days during the year. That provides the opportunity, for diverse activities such as hiking, walking, paragliding, mountain biking and numerous programs for children.

Historical Churches, monasteries, lush forests on its slopes, gorgeous landscapes, picturesque, local food makes this mountain one of the destinations must see.


A town settled among Balkanian and Europian cultures as a symbol of their conciliation. A town which stands firm on the Danube shores, who carries him with honer.

Also Known as Serbian Athens, Novi Sad is located in the southern part of the Pannonian Plain on the border of the Bačka and Srem geographical regions, on the banks of the Danube river, facing the northern slopes of Fruška Gora mountain.

Hometown of many, opens its doors for visitors, every day, through the whole year.

Novi Sad Serbia

Inside of his fortresses legend begins, history lives. Novi Sad is an economical, cultural, administrative center of Vojvodina.

Novi Sad Music Festivities, Sterijino theatre, Dragons games for children,  Cinema City, International Jazz Festival, Danube regatta, fairs of hunting, fishing, sport, and tourism are a significant sign that in this peaceful town, something is always going on.

Thanks to great conditions for viticulture, some of the towns vineyard are dating from the middle century and are considered in the best in Europe. Expressions in good taste are kind of a cultural habit, and it cares in this are numerous wineries, restaurants and ethno villages around Novi Sad.

Also, known for its great nightlife, Novi Sad is a place that can give you relaxation and fun. One of the biggest music festivals in the World, Exit has been maintained into the walls of Petrovardin.

If a recipe for long and beautiful life exist than it is inwrought in every part and in every heart of this City.


When nature makes her masterpiece, birch trees keeps green meadows, and they are safe under the silence of mountains and wilderness.

When you go 15 km from Nova Varoš and notice, something so gorgeous that makes you hold your breath, you know you are on Zlatar lake.

The region has a continental-Mediterranean climate and is an attractive destination for holidays and recreation; Water-sports. The lake is suitable for treatment of cardiovascular diseases The lake rests 880 meters above sea level.

Zlatar lake Serbia

Take a day for a picnic, with a blanked posed to a colorful autumn carpet, or play volleyball on the arranged field. Go for camping or boating, until the scent of fresh bread, coming from the village houses lurches you. Chilly nights and mornings gave the opportunity to escape from the usual autumn heat.

The lake is mostly navigable and suitable for all kinds of activities. Its shores are arranged so that they represent wild beaches.

Zlatar lake, also known as Kokin Brod is an artificial lake located among the mountains of  Zlatibor. The lake was created in the 1960s after the construction of a dam on the beautiful Uvac River.

For those who love untouched nature and all wealth that she can give, Zlatar lake is made for.

Zlatar lake, also known as Kokin Brod is an artificial lake located among the mountains of Zlatibor. The lake was created in the 1960s after the construction of a dam on the beautiful Uvac River.


Uvac river is a place where magic never ends because it is born there and there it lives.

It is hard to even try to describe a place like this. Unique, irresistible, charming..so beautiful.

The compound of unreal meanders that nature carved in a miraculous way, and the most beautiful color of crystal clear waters of Uvac. Famous meanders make that Uvac river looks like a glittering maze, filled with crystal green water.

It Is a natural southern border of the Zlatibor mountain and it is the main tributary of the river Lim.

Uvac river

At the end of its course, river Uvac is a natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The largest cave complex in Serbia featuring numerous caves tasseled with pure nature jewelry, halls, and siphon. The best known are Usak cave, Tubićeva cave, and Ice cave. The ornaments in the Ice cave are in the form of drapery and can reach a length and can reach up to ten meters.

Uvac Lake, Zlatar Lake, and Rodonja Lake are artificial lakes made with three hydropower plants.

When you start sightseeing, you will be captivated by sunsets, meanders, and nature, but there is a possibility that you might meet some of rare animal and plant species. Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, owl, are just some of them.

A very special place on earth that is worth a visit. Sitting on the mountain, looking down over the water in the canyon leaves you with a lasting sense of tranquility.


The Iron Gates is an amazing 83 mile Long stretch of Danube River, separating Serbia and Romania. The George contains two hydroelectric dams. Iron Gate I and Iron Gate II and Djerdap National Park. This George is considered of four gorges Golubac, Gospođina Vira, Kazan …

There are ten fortresses, stretching along both river banks the most famous one is the Golubac fortress, also known as The Guardian of the Danube”, is located on the right bank of the Danube, at the entrance to the Iron Gates.

Huge face carved into the Romanian side of the Danube River celebrates the Romanian hero Decebalus, who fought many battles with the Romans.

Iron Gate view

Lepenski Vir is one of the most important archeological sites in Serbia is found on the Danube “terrace” at the Iron Gates.

If you visit this area, do not miss to visit this prehistoric site and the Museum of Lepenski Vir.

The Đerdap National Park has become one of the most visited tourist regions in Serbia especially after the construction of the dam and the formation of the large lake. There are a number of tourist points in the park with hotel and other facilities, offering tourists rest and swimming and tours of the cultural and historical monuments and natural values., fishing is still very popular.

Iron Gates National Park is rightly called the greatest naturalistic and archaeological museum in Europe.

Except the admiring the natural beauties, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy in hunting, fishing, bird watching. Also, you have a chance to cover the mountain hiking in the Massif Ciucarul Mic a Ciucarul Mare.

Cruise ships pass this narrow gorges, daily cruises from numerous harbors bring you to the most exciting points.


A city where east and north meets, subtly carrying a history to be told. A city where modern and ancient live, a home of people from different nationalities and religions.

It is located in Vojvodina and only 10 kilometers from the border between Serbia and Hungary. Its position, between Europe and Asia, on the border between two great empires – Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empire, has significantly influenced the formation of this city.

This lovely town is Like a live fairy tale, tucked among the city s squares, green parks, and cathedrals.

Subotica Serbia

Among the attractions are City Library, built in 1890, Synagogue, one of three Synagogues in Serbia, City Hall with spectacular watch turned to all 4 sides of the world, and protected by law as a cultural monument, National Theatre, Serbian Orthodox Church, Franciscan Church.

Flea Market in Subotica it is one of the biggest in Europe, that is a magical place where you can find anything from clothes to wines.

One of the best ways to experience town’s relaxing atmosphere is to take a walk through the promenade. You will see people peacefully flowing down the street, meeting each other in numerous restaurants and locals in the center. Because what really gives the soul to this city is not just the breathtaking architecture, but smiles, generosity, and multiplicity of its citizens.

Subotica is also known for gourmet food and classy vines.

Subotica offers a lot of interesting places for rest and leisure, for activities around the lakes, on horse-farms, farmsteads, in forests and hunting areas. Palić the lake and the settlement by the same name are 8 kilometers east of Subotica.


Mountain Tara belongs to internal Dinerides and it is located in the far West of Serbia.

Mountain Tara was declared in 1981 the Tara National Park of Serbia, because of it’s rare herbal and animal species. Probably the most famous habitant of Tara National Park is Brown Bear. There are 5 well arranged and secured observation points at the Tara National Park, with breathtaking panoramas: Biljeska Stena, Osluša, Sjenić, Banjska Stena and Crnjeskova.

Tara’ s rivers are rich in fish and suitable for any water sports you can imagine.

Tara national park view

It is ideal for numerous activities such as hiking, climbing, horse riding, skiing, boat ride, zip line, canyoning and Perućac Lake.

Many tourist centers are built in Tara, to provide accommodation and pleasant stay.

Tara is considered one of the most beautiful mountains and it is an oasis of intact and well preserved and protected nature.


Forest is calling you by the whisper of a gentle wind. Clouds are bathing in streams and lakes. Inspiring a fresh air, you can almost feel the frangraces of softwood in your mouth.

This mountain jewel is a mountainous region situated in the western part of Serbia, and it is important tourist area of Serbia. The main city of the region Užice.

Zlatibor is named after the astonishing color of its white pine trees. Today the last “golden” pine can be seen in the village of Negbina.

Zlatibor Serbia

At 1000 meters above sea level, pleasant sun and mild climate offer the opportunity for so different facilities and sports. In winter, skiing is just one of them, and Tornik, Crni Vrh, Čigota, Murtenica, Čavlovac,  highest peaks of Zlatibor will take you through the white and wild adventure.

Two artificial lakes and crystal clear water of miraculous rivers Veliki and Crni Rzav abound in fish, so fishing is one most the most common type of sport an relaxation. If you like water sports there are numerous pools, oxbow lakes, and spa centers for relaxing.

After outdoor activities, the best way to reboost your energy is to search for some of the traditional food products in local restaurants. Lamb, kajmak, cheese and Komplet lepinja (home-made bread) are the most ordered dishes in this area of Serbia.


Once upon a time, in the valley of the river Ibar, between the towns of Raska and Novi Pazar, the legend that was born from a true love continues to lives. One Serbian King had a very unusual request.

Since his loving one, Helen of Anjou was coming from Provance, Uroš I Nemanjić ordered beautiful lilacs to be planted along the inaccessible valley of the Ibar river to remind her of her home

Because of that, this part of the valley is called “The Valley of lilacs”.

The entrance of the valley is guarded by the medieval fortress of Maglič built on the steep cliff raising 150 meters above the Ibar,   surrounded by the river on three sides. The role of the Maglič fortress was to guard the entrance to the Valley of river Ibar, where it is situated.

The fortress consists of seven towers and one dungeon tower connected with walls.

Some of the most beautiful Serbian monasteries are located near the Maglič and the Valley of lilacs.

Gradac monastery Serbia

In this area was formed First Serbian state was first formed, and the monasteries by Serbian Kings  Kings are located.

The architecture of the Studenica Monastery, its murals, and frescos, are a mixture of the old Raška school, Byzantine and western styles. The fresco “The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ” is one of the most significant and most beautiful examples of medieval art in Europe.

In this monastery Sveti Sava founded the first hospital in Serbia, modeled on Byzantine monastery hospitals.

About Žiča Monastery one nice old legend says “seven-doored” Žiči tells that seven kings were crowned there and that, on the occasion of each crowning, new door – through which only the crowned ruler would pass – were opened and then immediately walled up.

Ljubostinja Monastery Is considered as the most beautiful example built in style Moravska School. The building durated from 1388 until 1405. Is considered as the most beautiful example built in Moravska School style.

Among monasteries are Manasija, Mileševa, Petrova Crkva, Tronoša,Gradac ..

Many of this monasteries are under state protection and some of them are on the Unesco heritage list, because of immeasurable historical significance and their great importance for medieval architecture and art.The oldest ones were built in the 12th century.

All types of accommodations can be found in every of this top ten Serbia destinations.

In this Kindom we call Earth, everything is remarkable and unforgettable in its own, unique way. That is just how Serbia is. With so much to see, feel and experience, not a weekend, not even a week, but a whole life is not enough for beauties of Serbia.

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