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Soča River – Jewel of nature

Soča River – Jewel of nature

The Alps are, as one of the greatest mountain complex in the world, a treasure trove of wealth for all of Europe and the entire planet. This mountain range hides inside thousands of wonderful natural corners. We take you now to the southern part of this mountain range, known by the name of Julian Alps, to show the beauty of the river Soča.

Soča river rises near Trent in northwestern Slovenia, and besides Slovenia it flows through northern part of Italy when at the end of its course, 140 kilometers long, flows into the Adriatic Sea in the Gulf of Trieste. Soča river rises to a height of 1,100 meters above sea level and its top of the river flow was known as the ‘Šnita’.

What singles this from other rivers and gives it a kind of seal is the emerald color that fits in the beautiful green forests the Julian Alps. Soča river rises as the crystal clear water from the dark karst cracks over Trent and after a relatively short time, descends to waterfall height of 15 meters, and then continues wildly down the mountain like a real mountain river.

Soča river view

Visitors can visit the source of the river and watch how the river flow is sharply increasing its descending into the valley. This river is officially one of the most beautiful rivers of the continent and, as such, attracts tourists from around the world.

Also, sports fans love to visit this place where wild nature increases the level of adrenaline in the blood, especially lovers of kayaking and rafting who feel here a pleasure while sliding down this fast-flowing river through stunning gorges and small waterfalls. From mid-April, at the end of the winter season fishermen slowly starting to come here in increasing numbers, that with calm and comfortable environment to enjoy. In addition, those who like to enjoy without a lot of adrenaline, can walk and camp out in this beautiful nature reserve and thus relax all your senses.

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