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Most scenic roads in Balkan Peninsula

Most scenic roads in Balkan Peninsula

If you love and enjoy driving and road trips coming to Balkan Peninsula is something you must do. In a week you can experience so many different landscapes it can seem you been on dosen of different adventures. Check out 10 of the most scenic roads in the Balkans.

Transfagarasan road, Romania

We invite you to explore 150 kilometers long Transfagarasan Highway, Romania’s most spectacular and best-known road. Thanks to an appearance on BBC Top Gear in 2009, now it is a recognized tourist attraction.  Still, Transfagarasan offers much more than an amazing driving experience, as it connects southern Romania with Transylvania, passing right through the impressive Fagaras Mountains through five tunnels and countless hair curves while providing spectacular views of the surrounding Carpathians.

Transfagarasan highway in Romania
The Transfagarasan highway in Romania, winding through the mountains

The highway reaches through the highest mountains in Romania, so be prepared to see a few breathtaking landscapes along the way.

Vršič Pass, Slovenia

At an altitude of 1611 meters, the Vršič crossing is the highest Slovenian road crossing that connects the Sava and Soča valleys. Along the road to the mountain pass stands a symbolic chapel, known as the Russian Chapel at the Vršič crossing. This monument and symbol of peace were erected in memory of hundreds of Russian prisoners who suffered and lost their lives in the area. The fact that Slovenia and Russia are economically and historically connected is best shown by the traditional ceremony in the Russian chapel at the Vršič crossing. Every year, the event is organized to remember and pay tribute to the brave deceased Russian prisoners and to remind them of the horrific events that took place there.

Vršič Pass Slovenia
Vršič Pass Slovenia

After arriving at the crossing, going to Kranjska Gora, guarantees a picturesque alpine view. If you love picturesque plants and want to see a beautiful part of the country, this trip to Slovenia is a wonderful idea for day trips. The crossing connects Gornja Kranjska with the Trenta valley in the Slovenian Littoral.

Jadranska magistrala, Croatia

We have everything, and that is why we have stopped noticing the beauties of the world around us. Social networks shower us daily with photos and videos showing some of the most beautiful parts of the world, and this has led us to forget the beauties that surround us every day and the beauties found all over Croatia. But that is why we are here to remind you now and then who we are and what kind of paradise on earth we live in. One such place, which stretches for 643.8 kilometers, is the State Road D8, or popularly called the Adriatic Highway.

Jadranska magistrala
Jadranska magistrala

The Adriatic Highway, the Adriatic tourist road, is one of the main roads connecting the northern and southern Adriatic. This road connects all important cities on the Adriatic – Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Makarska, Ploče and Dubrovnik. Although the new, modern highway runs parallel to the Adriatic Highway, it has not lost its importance, and more and more people are returning to it to enjoy the beautiful views, and that is why it has been declared one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Many roads stretch along the coast, but it can rarely boast such an azure blue sea in which the islands are scattered like pearls.

The road of opposites in some places descends to the sea itself, while in other places, it cuts high in the hills. In some places, it is flat, and in some places, it meanders and protrudes like a snake. But in any case, no matter which part you drive, watch out for one scene that will take your breath away.

Trans-rarau road, Romania

Transrarau is the newest modern alpine route in Romania and ranks third in beauty, following Transalpine and Transfagarasan. Also known as the Treasure Trail, which measures 28 kilometers, you can explore it by car, motorcycle by bike, or even on foot. One legend says that in 1541, Petra Rares found refuge for his family and a hiding place for his wealth from the Tatar hordes right in the mountains of Rarau, from where he got the nickname The Treasures’ Path.

Landscape with the Pietrele Doamnei massif from the Rarau mountains
Landscape with the Pietrele Doamnei massif from the Rarau mountains

This road is waiting for all nature lovers; every curve is waiting to be cleared, every view is ready to be immortalized, and every rock you can step on. TransRarau is a miracle! The road connects the Moldavian Valley in the north and the Bistrita Valley in the south, 27 km long of the perfect Romanian mountain road; the curves meander near the top of Rarau 1651m, revealing a new perfect view with every turn. There are also places to take small breaks to breathe the air and enjoy the road and its views. Wooden lookouts on this road provide an amazing place for a wide view of the mountains and taking your most sought-after pictures.

Sarajevo – Mostar road M17

The excitement and joy that the roads of Bosnia offer in road driving overlooking the beautiful river Neretva are unforgettable. If you are wise in your choice, path, and driving time, the main factors for enjoying Bosnia and Herzegovina and experiencing its beauty on wheels.

Mostar city lanscape
Mostar city lanscape

The lush greenery of Bosnia will overshadow you and make you ignore all the winding parts of the road you will pass. You will even want to experience this adventure again, a little adrenaline and equally enjoyable when it comes to the M17 road.

Llogara Pass, Albania

Driving along the coastal road from Orikum to Dhermi, you will pass the well-known and magical Llogar crossing, a spectacular winding road, which rises to 1,027m and overlooks the Ionian coast of the Albanian Riviera. The Llogar crossing is located in the middle of the Šika mountain range, part of the Llogar National Park.

Mediterranean landscape on the Ionian Sea in Albania between Himare and Saranda
Mediterranean landscape on the Ionian Sea in Albania between Himare and Saranda

The mountain range of Ica begins on the Karaburun peninsula, and as it moves south, it becomes higher and higher. Vrhunski vrh – Ćika reaches 2,044 meters above sea level and is located a little south of the Llogar crossing. This mountain range stretches along the entire length of the Ionian coast to the city of Saranda, and you will surely enjoy an unforgettable scene while driving. At the top of the Llogar crossing, you can find free parking and several authentic restaurants overlooking a truly magnificent sight. Looking from the crossing to the south along the coast, you can admire the white beaches of the Ionian Sea and the village of Dhermi.

If you are a fan of beautiful scenes, you will definitely enjoy this well-known Albanian road.

Gorski Kotar D32, Croatia

Everyone who drives in Croatia will find themselves on the land of a modern railway network and a country with beautiful roads – either a modern highway or state roads that have existed for generations. Drivers pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, including magnificent scenes.

Beautiful town of Fuzine on Lake Bajer, Gorski kotar region
Beautiful town of Fuzine on Lake Bajer, Gorski kotar region, Croatia

The D32, only 50km long, passes through some of Croatia’s most beautiful areas, an area known as Gorski Kotar, and one compared to Switzerland. Steep, green slopes skirt glistening lakes. The landscape hides all kinds of alpine flora and wildlife, from rare lynx to brown bears. Part of this territory has been declared a national park – Risnjak – with a visitor center in Crni Lug and facilities such as shops and restaurants in Delnice, which D32 connects. This is the southern step of a picturesque state road before joining the A3 motorway to Rijeka or Karlovac.

Route 34, Serbia

Go with us through a tour of Serbia’s magical eastern part along the road to the Djerdap highway, which connects the area of ​​Djerdap with Pomoravlje and, further, with Belgrade. On this unforgettable journey, you will pass through winding roads that lead you to Serbia’s unforgettable scenes.

The Iron Gate or Djerdap Gorge - gorge on the Danube River
The Iron Gate or Djerdap Gorge – gorge on the Danube River in Djerdap National Park, Serbia and Romania border. This is the narrowest point of the largest and longest gorge in Europe. View from Serbia

You will drive through the most beautiful part of the Đerdap gorge. Along this road, you will be threatened by lookouts which are very numerous on this stretch, so we recommend you to use them and easily enjoy the view of one of the most powerful gorges in Europe! You will also see the ancient and already well-known Golubac fortress where you can take a short break and visit this place rich in history that leaves no one indifferent.

Plovdiv – Kazanluk, Bulgaria

Take the road from the ancient city of Plovdiv all the way to the gorgeous valley of roses that will enchant you with its scents and scenery. Let’s continue our journey through the Balkans, creating a stalemate that will surely warm your heart. You will pass a beautiful part of Bulgaria from Plovdiv to the rose valley, where you will want to stop at every step and take pictures of the magical landscapes of this part of paradise. For nature and adrenaline lovers, this road is a perfect escape from everyday life.

Tourist in Roman theater in Plovdiv
Tourist in Roman theater in Plovdiv

Solcava panoramic road, Slovenia

Solčava panoramic path is like the experience of our first love. It is unique in its beauty. It takes you along the pearls of the natural and cultural heritage of the Solčava region, with a stunning view of the peaks and valleys and the past subsistence of mountain farms, producing everything that nature offers and man creates with love.

Logar valley view from the Solcava panoramic road Slovenia
Logar valley view from the Solcava panoramic road Slovenia

This is an unforgettable sight with twenty stunning views across much of the region, including the Logar Valley, Robanov Kot, Matkov Kot, and Podolševo. It takes you through the timeless experiences and mysteries surrounding the Lintver dragon and creating these mysterious places full of originality.

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