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Feel the beauty of Jahorina

Feel the beauty of Jahorina

The Olympic Beauty, Jahorina Mountain is situated in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Pale. It borders fellow Olympic mountain Trebević. Jahorina is 1913 meters (6276 feet) tall, making it the second tallest of Sarajevo‘s mountains, behind Bjelašnica.

Like other three mountains, Igman, Bjelašnica and Trebević, Jahorina is a popular destination for a variety of outdoor sports and activities.

Tourism history on Jahorina

The first building of significantly large capacity on Jahorina mountain was a hunting lodge built in 1878 by the Austro-Hungarian bourgeoisie that hunted on Jahorina. An important step in the development of skiing was made on 4th of Aprile 1905 when it as founded in Sarajevo tourism department of the Worker’s Tourist Society “Friends of Nature” as a branch of “Die Naturefreunde”. Winter hiking, mountain climbing using skis became one of the activities of the prosperous society, whose independent action, otherwise, was continued after the end of World War II.

In 1923, the first fans of natural beauty come to Jahorina mountain and bring the first skis. In that year, the building of hotel “Sator” was made. The hotel has around 70 beds.

In 1933, in Sarajevo was founded the first independent skiing organization called Ski Club Sarajevo. Until the war, 1941, this club was making significant efforts to improve this, at that time, unknown skiing sport, as well as competitions in all categories. In this period was held an international competition in the alpine skiing on Jahorina mountain.

The first ski lift on Jahorina mountain was built and opened 29.11.1952. The starting lift station was located near hotel “Jahorina” at an altitude of 1660 m and it went to the top of 1885 m on Gola Jahorina. Calbe length was 1050 m. It was a singleseater with a 102 seats, and capacity of 360 passenger per hour. The ride from starting station to the top lasted 8 minutes.

The second lift was completed and opened in 1965. It was located at the starting station Poljice at an altitude of 1530 m and it ended at an altitude of 1908 m next to “Zacarani dvorac” under “Ogorjelica”.

Jahorina today

During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Jahorina was the site of the women’s alpine skiing events. The men’s alpine events were held at Bjelašnica. Today, Jahorina remains a popular destination for skiing, hiking, and sledding, with over 40 km of ski trails and modern facilities.

Skiing on Jahorina

For all lovers of alpine skiing, Jahorina offers over 20 kilometers of groomed ski trails which are connected with five modern ski lifts (2 Six-Seats lift and 3 modern two-seater) and three ski-lifts two baby lifts, capacity 12 000 skiers per hour. All guests have access to ski schools, ski rentals services and ski equipment. Near the ski slopes there are barbecue houses with sunbathing areas where you can always eat something from the grill or have a warm drink.

Jahorina skiing

You can arrange for equipment rentals in Sarajevo or at Jahorina itself. Jahorina has developed after-ski entertainment including warm indoor swimming pools, saunas, cafes and restaurants.

Untouched nature

At any time of year you want to visit Jahorina, your stay will be interesting and memorable. In winter, you have always maintained ski trails for all Olympic disciplines. In summer you can always find a refuge from the city noise in forests. You can walk along spacious pastures, Gola Jahorina, rent bikes and enjoy rides in clean mountain air.

Except alpine skiing, Jahorina offers paragliding, hiking tours, walking and biking through the forest. Hikers can always find a variety of activities and peaks for climbing, fans of medicinal plants will always be delighted by a variety of medicinal plants.

Jahorina hiking

Jahorina is one of the few places where nature has been generous and gave her all that is needed in order to become attractive, an indescribable to all sportsmens, recreationists, hunters, anglers, hikers and all those who are seeking natural beauty, peace, tranquility. The clean mountain air, dense forests, rivers, diverse flora and fauna, or in other words, total relaxation, health and positive energy.

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