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Bulgaria seaside paradise

Bulgaria seaside paradise

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is picturesque and diverse. It is over 370 km long, where long strips of sand dunes alternate with estuaries, large and small bays and inaccessible high rocky shores. The coast is divided into two sections, north and south of Cape Emine, where the Balkan Mountain juts into the sea.

The climate is temperate continental, with a strong marine influence and four seasons – hot summers with cool breezes, mild autumns and winters and fresh springs. The temperatures during the summer months are very suitable for marine tourism and the water temperature allows sea bathing from May to October. The presence of healing mineral springs and curative mud enables additional opportunities for visitors to combine their summer holiday with spa.

Most marine cities and towns were founded millennia ago and they preserve the rich cultural heritage – remains of the Roman and Byzantine eras, medieval monuments and magnificent architectural examples dating back to the Bulgarian Revival.

All along the coast, with several kilometers interval are lying large and small resorts – from large modern complexes to small picturesque villages. The accommodation possibilities are also diverse – luxury hotels, family hotels, guest houses, villas, rental apartments, bungalows. Many of the hotels offer various options for the comfort of the tourists, such as All inclusive, internet in the rooms, excursions in the area or inside the country, car rental, etc. The Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria can be reached via two motorways, first class roads and two international airports – Varna and Burgas.


The Black Sea town of Kavarna is located at a distance of 60 km from the city of Varna. Some of the multiple landmarks in the town and around it are the History Museum, the Ethnographic Complex, beautiful localities and secluded bays. Near Kavarna lies the archaeological and natural reserve Cape Kaliakra, which cuts 2 km into the sea. Here are the remains of an ancient fortress, as well as a museum, in which the guests of the reserve can learn more about the historical past of the region. The magnificent nature and the exceptionally diverse biological diversity are the reason for the place to be also declared a natural reserve. The cape is located on the way of migratory birds – Via Pontica. That is why its greatest wealth is birds. In close proximity to Kavarna there is also another archaeological reserve – Yaylata – covering multiple monuments of various historical ages.


Balchik is located at the northeast Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 40 kilometers from Varna and 20 kilometers from Kavarna. In addition to its unique nature, its proximity to the Balata Reserve and Cape Kaliakra, the town has two major landmarks. The palace of the Romanian Queen Mary is a unique architectural ensemble, combining various styles and elements. The botanical garden in Balchik impresses visitors with its rich collection of splendid flower alleys.


Albena is a resort complex, situated on the northern Black Sea coast, 35 kilometers north of Varna and 12 kilometers from Balchik. It is located next to the cool forests of Baltata reserve. The complex has approximately 15,000 beds in 40 hotels of various categories, located in the park area and at the sea coast. The beach is 3.5 kilometers long and its width reaches 150 meters. The complex is preferred by families with little children for the peaceful environment, the many walking paths and nursery facilities. Albena is also popular as a SPA resort because of the availability of mineral waters and curative mud.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is one of the oldest and largest Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. It is situated 17 kilometers north of Varna, close to the cool forests of the park Golden Sands. The availability of mineral springs with healing water has brought Golden Sands the fame of a SPA resort. The resort has several dozens of hotels, most of which are situated amidst broad-leaved forests. The opportunities for active holidays are attracting for young people, seeking adventures, as well as for families with children.


Varna is the largest coastal city in Bulgaria and it was called the marine capital of Bulgaria. It is situated on the northern Black Sea coast. The city has an ancient history and numerous landmarks – museums, parks, Roman ruins, a dolphinarium, an aquarium and many others. The oldest processed gold in the world found so far is stored in the archaeological museum in the city.

Some of the most popular sea resorts – Golden Sands, St. Constantine and St. Helena, Sunny Day, Riviera are situated nearby. The natural park Golden Sands is also situated in the vicinity and it offers a variety of eco paths and activities. The Aladzha rock monastery also lies nearby.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the largest resort complex in Bulgaria. Its hundreds of hotels vary in style and category – luxury resorts, comfortable hotels and villas and comfortable aparthotels. It is one of the most attractive summer destinations for young people from the country and abroad. The entertainment here is twenty-four-hour, and the clubs, restaurants and discos are known throughout Europe. The complex is located near the town of Nesebar and St. Vlas. The sea shore in Sunny Beach is one of the most beautiful on the Black Sea coast. It has won several blue flag awards for its clean environment and good management.


Pomorie is also a marine resort with ancient history. Due to the firth mud with healing properties extracted here, Pomorie has the status of a spa resort. The Pomorie Lake, the old houses of Pomorie and the Thracian Beehive Tomb are some of the town’s attractions. The resort offers its guests a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options.


Burgas is the largest city on the southern Black Sea coast. Like Varna it holds a rich history and culture in its museums and galleries. The beautiful marine park, located near the beach, offers a cool and pleasant stroll in the warm days. One of the most important music festivals in Europe – Spirit of Burgas – is held in Burgas. The unique Festival of Sand Figures is also conducted in the city every summer.

Not far from the city are the resorts of Nesebar, Pomorie and Sozopol. Burgas offers a variety of entertainment and activities. Accommodation is also diverse – hotels, rooms for rent, apartments.


The town of Tsarevo is located on the southern Black Sea coast, about 66 kilometers from Burgas. The town offers wonderful opportunities for tourism. There are many hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities and beautiful nature. The Strandzha Mountain, which has kept its unique nature and the ancient traditions of its inhabitants, lies nearby. The villages of Strandzha preserve a unique local tradition – fire dancing on live coals.

Try to visit the Bulgarian Black Sea coast if you have a chance and you will be satisfied without much effort. The prices are pretty low compared to other famous resorts around Europe, but the beauty of the nature and the quality of the service are even better. You will see that with your own eyes immediately after your arrival.

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