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Albania Destinations – Durres

Albania Destinations – Durres

Durres is the second largest city in Albania, after Tirana and it is one of the most economically important as the biggest port city. It is a port city dating back to the 7th century BCE, is a wonderful walking, sight-seeing, and beach location.


Historical highlights of Durres are its involvement during the Roman period, 5th century BCE. Durres, or Epidamnos at that time, became a port during the Peloponnesian War. After the war, and do to new foreign influences, Epidamnus later expanded politically, architecturally, and culturally and changed its name to Dyrrhachion; Dyrrachium was used in Roman literature and known as the battlefield between the legions of Caesar and Pompey (49-48 BCE). Dyrrhachion was a vital Roman port of The Egnatian Way (Via Egnatia). This trade route was one of the main roadways which connected Rome with Byzantium and as times flourished Durres did as well. A result is Durres being home to the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans.

Modern Durres, or Durresi, is much different than its past. It shortly acquired capital notoriety, after independence in 1912, but then lost it to Tirana, is a modern, thriving port city with developed boulevards, soft sand beaches for tourism, and calm, warm Adriatic waters. Future planning for Durres has pointed towards Greek and Italian beach culture and quality.


Durres beach is the biggest national beach with a linear length of 4 kilometers. It is popular for it’s soft sand and the greatest exploitable sand belt at a width of 150-180 meters. The main characteristic of the beach is the gradual increase of the seawater depth which makes this sandy beach ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with dry hot summers and mild wet winters. The average temperature range from 25 Celsius in July to 10 Celsius in January.


Today there are big luxury hotels and holidays resorts to offer modern services and infrastructure.

This has made this beach popular and the main attraction for tourist from neighborhood countries.


Beside relaxing in the beach a lot of city tour can be arranged including the surrounding walls of the ancient city,

Archeological museum, Alexander Moisiu house and Ethnographic museum, the castle the Amphitheatre, the Venetian tower and lot of other religious sites.

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